My Air Conditioner is Dripping—What Do I Do?

Did you know that Maryland tends to have an average daily high temperature of over 81 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer?

It’s times like these when we can appreciate having a reliable HVAC system. The last thing you’d want is for the air conditioning to break down during the height of summer or during the lowest temperatures of winter. One way you can have peace of mind is by keeping an eye on your system and ensuring everything is okay.

Have you spotted something off with your HVAC system? Keep reading to learn all about what to do if you notice your air conditioner dripping.

Signs of a Leaking Air Conditioner

Aside from noticing the water dripping from the HVAC system, there may be no other signs than the sound of a leaky faucet. It’s best to find the source of this sound instead of ignoring it.

Another sign that you need air conditioner repair involves mold. Since the build-up of water encourages mold growth, it may have already spread quite a bit. Some types of mold can smell quite bad and even release spores into the air that are detrimental to your health.

The last thing you’d want is to put your family in danger. Water is also bad news for the health of your walls and other surfaces. It’s best to use a flashlight and try to identify water damage, including any warping to wood and more.

When to Call an HVAC Contractor

As you can imagine, the longer this condition persists without AC repair HVAC, the worse it’ll become. You can save a significant amount of money by catching it earlier, so it’s in your best interest to call the professionals as soon as you notice something’s wrong.

By holding off, you’ll have to pay for the leak repair, mold cleaning and removal by a mold remediation company, and possibly drywall replacement, among other expenses.

Are you worried that your system may have one or more leaks without you knowing about the issue? One way you can catch issues before they’ve snowballed is by investing in regular maintenance. This is a much cheaper strategy than finding out about issues after it’s too late.

After too many untreated issues, it may even get to the point when you have to shell out for an entire AC installation.

Are You Ready to Fix Air Conditioner Dripping?

Now that you’ve learned all about what to do if you notice your air conditioner dripping, you’ll be ready to act fast. The sooner you get this issue under control, the better. It’s also worth investing in regular maintenance so these issues don’t crop up as often.

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